Minimalist Tapestry Wall Hanging DIY

Ever wanted one of those cool wall hangings from someplace like West Elm, but couldn’t afford it? Well I just created a minimalist, modern tapestry wall hanging that was incredibly easy and doesn’t break the bank! And it took less than an hour to make. If interested (and who wouldn’t be;)) then keep reading!


14″ Wooden Embroidery Hoop

(1) 3/8″x 36″ Wooden Dowel


Black paint

(3) Different colored fabrics- (1) Light gray at 14″x 12″, (1) Black at 14″ x 1″, (1) Dark gray 14″ x 5″


Hot glue gun

Razor saw

First, cut the wooden dowel to 20″ using the razor saw.

Paint the wooden dowel and embroidery hoop black. I chose the color black to accentuate the clean, minimalist lines.

Next, glue down the long edges of the light gray fabric and the short edges on the dark gray fabric to make a clean hem. This is the color scheme I chose because it went with the decor in my bedroom, but feel free to change up the fabric choices.


Glue down one of the long edges of the gray fabric since this is the bottom edge of the tapestry.

Then attach the two gray pieces together using the black strip, making sure 1/2″ of the black fabric is glued to each of the gray fabrics.

Fold over the excess 2″ of black fabric and glue behind each side of the tapestry.

After the paint has dried, glue the wooden dowel onto the embroidery hoop about 4 3/4″ up from the bottom of the hoop. Just make sure the tapestry’s width fits within the hoop.

Finally, use the top 2″ of the tapestry to fold over the wooden dowel and glue to the back of itself.

I. Love. This. So. Much. This is one of my favorite projects to date. So easy, and so modern! The gray and black color scheme along with the clean lines of the hoop and dowel are very reminiscent of decor that would be found in any mid-century modern house. I hope you guys give this project a try. If you do, I want to see them, so share them with me by tagging #marbledogue. Also, stay tuned for that cute little modern dreamcatcher DIY next to the wall hanging, coming soon 😉 XO

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