Modern Dreamcatcher

Love dreamcatchers? So do I. They are very beautiful, but their intricacies may be intimidating to most if trying to make one. So I came up with this equally charming and elegant design that anyone can replicate! 



14″ Wooden Embroidery Hoop

Leather Cording ( 5 x 16″ length strands)


Black paint


Hot glue gun

Razor saw

This easy dreamcatcher DIY is a “Part Two” to the wall hanging. These two pieces can be hung near each other due to their different sizes, or in different rooms. The embroidery hoop used for the wall hanging comes in a pair, so I decided to use the second hoop for another project. I did change the proportion of it so when hung next to the wall hanging there would varying scales.

Begin by cutting the hoop with the razor saw. Hot glue the hoop back together again with a 3″ overlap to create a 11″ diameter hoop.

Paint the hoop with black paint to match the wall hanging and to accentuate the clean lines of the circular shape.

Create the “X” with 2 of the 16″ strands. Place 1 end of the first strand 2″ to the right of the top edge and bring the other end of the same strand down and attach it 2″ to the left of the bottom edge. Do the same with the second strand, but to the opposite side. Hot glue the cording to the hoop, making sure to leave about 1″ of strand on each end to wrap around the hoop.

Take another 16″ strand and wrap 1″ of the strand end around the center bottom edge of the hoop. Secure the strand with hot glue.

Tie the bottom end of that same strand into a knot.

Cut 3″ off the last 2 16″ strands. Keep the 3″ piece and place to the side.

Glue each strand to the center of either side of the hoop.

Wrap each 3″ piece of cording around the top of each of the strands that you just glued. Attach these 3″ pieces with hot glue.

And finally, tie the ends of the 2 strands into a knot.


And there you have it, a very easy way of doing my take on a modern dreamcatcher! This took me half an hour to make, which includes paint drying time. That has to be a record for all the DIY projects I’ve ever done. But even though it didn’t take long to make, the dreamcatcher still looks like a high quality piece to me! Again, if you try this out at home, I want to see them! So don’t forget to tag #marbledogue on IG or twitter. XO

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