Metal Mood Board

When thinking of ideas for my entryway makeover, I came up with this trendy metal mood board that cost less than $10! Inspirational and budget friendly, this DIY project is perfect for decorating both large and small spaces.

In all honesty, my initial idea for this project was completely different than what I ended up with. I had first wanted to create a lush, faux plant wall art piece, but I didn’t like how it came out. It looked like an overgrown Amazon rain forest on my wall; and that is not as cool as it sounds! I had to come up with another idea, which was this metal mood board. Even though my first idea wasn’t quite successful, I was able to get an idea for a much better project! It goes to show that not all projects or designs will work out at first, but if you try to come up with solutions instead of giving up, something better might come out of it 🙂


For this project, you will need:

Metal grid/ Wire net (size of your choice) – I was able to find this at a Japanese dollar store called Daiso. This might be available at any dollar store near you.

A bouquet of faux plants- I chose a round leafy long stemmed plant that would hang well on the grid.

Pliers/ Wire cutters

Floral wire

Metallic paint (or spray paint)- I had originally chosen a metallic copper color (as seen in the picture above), but then opted for a silver because I wanted a more rustic, industrial look.

Paint brush- Not required if using spray paint.

Binder clips

Images/art of your choosing, of various sizes

File Apr 03, 12 43 57 PM

File Apr 03, 12 29 18 PM

The first step is to paint the grid. I bought cheap dollar paint so it chipped in some areas, but I didn’t mind too much because it gave the grid more industrial feel. If you want a more even, unchipped look you can use spray paint, but it will cost a little more. After letting the paint dry for a day, you can use the floral wire to attach the faux plants in any arrangement you like. I wanted something simple and clean, just enough to showcase a bit of green. I tied a couple of pieces together horizontally and place a couple on opposite ends.

File Apr 03, 12 47 37 PM

Then I chose some of my favorite art images I found online and printed them at various sizes. I cut and arranged them on the mood board as I liked, and attached using metal binder clips. And voila! All finished. Super easy!  The best part is, you can update the art and rearrange the greenery whenever you feel like it!

Photo Apr 03, 11 54 35 AM

File Apr 03, 12 58 35 PM

This project was super fun to make, mostly because it was super easy! It is also a super cute way of displaying all your creative inspirations for everyone to see and enjoy! XO

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