Refurbished Mid-Century Modern Side Table

I found this beautiful mid-century modern side table at a swap meet and, unbelievably, it was only $10! Such a steal. It had a little water damage on the bottom of the legs, but this was an easy fix. It also allowed me to add a little decorative touch of my own!

When I first saw this side table at the swap meet, I thought it was so nice that the owner probably wasn’t even selling it and was just using it to display her other items. I walked by and didn’t bother to even ask. As I was leaving I couldn’t stop thinking about that table, so I decided to go back and ask the owner if it was for sale. To my delight, it was! I thought it was at least going to be $20 but she said it was only $10! I bought it right away! Besides having some water damage on the legs, it was in really good condition. All it needed was some TLC!

midcentury modern table diy 2

The table top was perfectly fine because it had a laminate cover. The table legs just needed a little sanding. The water damage was a little extensive and I knew I had to do more than just sanding, so I decided some paint might do the trick! I didn’t want to paint the entire leg because the damage was only on bottom portion of the legs, and I still wanted some of the wood to be exposed. To make it look graphic and more modern, I opted to paint the bottom third of all the legs a bold black. If you find a table that only needs a little fixing, or just want to revamp your current table, read on!

midcentury modern table diy 4



Black paint (or any other color of your choosing)

Paint brush

Painter’s tape

Spray paint clear coat finish

midcentury modern table diy 5

The first thing I did was sand the legs. I used the coarser side of the sandpaper to sand the very end of the legs because it was the most damaged and uneven. I used the finer side to sand the rest of the legs to buff out any scratches or indents. The ends of the legs are rounded, so I had to make sure to sand evenly all around and not too much off to keep the shape of the legs.

midcentury modern table diy 10

Now time to paint! I had to make sure the legs were clean before I painted, so I used a compressed air can to blow off any sawdust. Then I wiped the legs down with a wet rag and dried with paper towels. The legs are about 25″ long. I measured 8″ from the end of the leg and wrapped painter’s tape around the leg to mark off the area I’d be painting.

midcentury modern table diy 7

I put a drop cloth down and started to paint! I wanted to brush the paint on because I wanted the paint line to be very clean and exact. I went to my local hardware store and bought a sample of black interior paint for less than $5. It was more than enough, as I used less than a quarter of the can. I recommend painting with the direction of the grain because painting against the grain will create a weird texture. I painted two coats so the black color was nice and strong!  Let dry for the recommended amount of time on the paint can.

midcentury modern table diy 8

midcentury modern table diy 9

After the paint was dry, I removed the tape and sprayed the legs with two coats of the clear finish. After letting dry, the table was finished!

midcentury modern table diy 11

midcentury modern table diy 13

midcentury modern table diy 14

midcentury modern table diy 1

I am beyond happy with how this table turned out. It was a simple idea that completely transformed the look of the table. The best part is that this project only took a few hours to do! Easiest project to date! Now my record player has a pretty little table to be on. XO


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