How to Decorate a Small Entryway

My entryway may be tiny, but it is the first space one sees when walking into my home, so it needs to make a statement! By using simple pieces, adding some greens, and mixing textures and finishes, my entryway transformed into a blend of cozy, modern, and functional.



As you can see in the before picture, my entryway was sparse to say the least. It was bareness and very unwelcoming, which is the opposite of what a room should be, especially the entrance to a home!


1. Flea market find | The first piece I found and added was this beautiful rustic, wooden oval mirror from a local swap meet. Can you believe I only got this for $8? It was such a steal. It didn’t even need to be refurbished or anything, it was great just the way it was. It also serves great purpose for those times you’re rushing out the door and need to make sure your hair isn’t crazy, or you don’t have lipstick on your teeth.

2. DIY project | This piece is probably my favorite because it is the most personalized. This project actually came out very different than what I had originally planned. At first I thought I wanted a cool, lush plant wall hanging, but when it did not turn out how I had pictured, I knew I needed to make something else work. I already had bought these white metal frames so I thought it would be interesting to put a mood board up with interchangeable photos and/or art. I love seeing this every morning before I leave because it keeps me creatively inspired! For the step by step DIY click here!

3. Metal coat hooks | What would a entryway be without coat hooks. This was definitely a no brainer, but since the entryway is so small and the door swing takes up the entire space, we opted for coat hooks attached to the wall. This is where my IKEA haul begins. I wanted minimal, modern hooks and that’s exactly what I found in these metal coat hooks from IKEA. The finish was clean and sleek but the best part of these hooks was that they can fold up, which is great especially for our tiny space. We can fold the hooks up when we need to open the doors fully, and fold them down when we need to hang coats. You can find the hooks here.

4. Vase | The next thing on my must have list was a large plant. Again, the door swing took up most of the space. The door stopper was about 7” from the wall, so I needed to find a vase that was both tall and slim enough to fit within that small area. At IKEA, I found the perfect vase. It was concrete and painted black with textured lines etched into it. I also got some tall faux grass to go in it to bring extra height and greenery to the space. You can find the vase here and the faux bouquet here.

5. Woven rug | Last but not least, a doormat was needed to keep us from dragging in dirt onto our nice wooden floors. Luckily, this woven, neutral rug was prefect for right in front of the door. It was sturdy enough to handle a lot of foot traffic as well as add texture to the space. You can find the rug here.


I am very happy with how the entryway turned out. I think it was transformed to being bare and drab to bright and chic! It also only cost less than $60 for the entire makeover! I hope you all like it and can take some inspiration for your own homes! XO

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