DIY PVC Pipe Dog Bed

If you’re as obsessed with your dog as I am, then this project is for you! Not only will this modern and chic outdoor bed for your tiny family member go great with any style, it will also get you many canine kisses!

I am currently working on the décor of our front patio space and I knew it was very important to have an area dedicated to my Monster. I decided to build him a cot-like bed that would be simple, modern and cute. I made this bed specifically for a small dog, but the dimensions for this project can be adjusted for large dogs as well. I really loved how it turned out and I know Monster did too!

DSC_0533 (EDIT)

[2] 1/2” x 8’ PVC Pipes
[8] 1/2” PVC Side Outlet Elbows
[8] 1/2” PVC Male Adapters
PVC Cutter
Semi-Gloss Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint- Black
2’-2” x 3’-4 3/4” Fabric of your choice
[2] 2’ x 3/4” Sticky back Fabric Velcro Strips
Sewing kit/ Sewing Machine

DSC_0540 (EDIT)

First cut your PVC pipes into [4] 2’-6” pieces , [4] 2’ pieces, and [4] 2” pieces using the PVC cutter. The cutter is $12 but I highly recommend it because it made cutting the PVC so much easier!  It is a good investment if you plan on using it for future PVC pipe projects, it will save a lot of time and hassle.

DSC_0541 (EDIT)

The length of the dog bed is 2’ and the width is 2’-6”, so use the side outlet elbows to connect the pipe pieces in 2 rectangular frames. Use the PVC male adapters to insert the 2” leg pieces into the elbow section with threading. I searched my local hardware store for side outlet elbows without any threading but they didn’t have them there…  you can skip the adapters if you find the elbows without threading at your local hardware store. If you do use the threadless elbows,  I recommend cutting your leg pieces to 4” as opposed to 2” for an overall 6” leg with the connections. When the frame is put together, add a few coats of black spray paint.

DSC_0564 (EDIT)

While the paint dries, you can work on the fabric portion of the project. The fabric I used was on sale at a fabric outlet near me – 3 yards of a beautiful and modern gray fabric for only $10! It was definitely a steal that I was very happy with. Now take your 2’-2” x 3’-4 3/4” fabric and fold each of the longest edges over 1”, and hem. I hand sewed this because I don’t have a sewing machine, but if you own one and know how to use it, it can help make this step much shorter. (If you have to hand sew like I did, trust me it’s not that bad. It’s actually nice to do something kind of mindless after a long day of work.)

DSC_0575 (EDIT)

DSC_0578 (EDIT)

Next, place a piece of Velcro on each end of the short length of the inside of the fabric and place the other Velcro pieces 4” in from each edge on the same side. For best results, follow the application directions on the velcro package. Mine said to wait 24 hours for the velcro adhesive to set. If you place weight on the velcro too soon, it will never hold. Once the paint on the frame is dry, place the fabric on top and wrap around the pipe to clasp the Velcro pieces together.  Finally, place your little guy or girl on the bed so they can enjoy their brand new relaxation spot!

DSC_0546 (EDIT)

DSC_0555 (EDIT)

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