Simple Steps to Revamp a Dated Dining Table

Have a dining table from the decor Dark Ages that can use some updating? Nothing a few coats of paint can’t fix! That’s how I took a Craigslist find from dingy and plain to chic and modern!

This DIY adventure starts at a Target. Running errands, I of course find myself at Target to grab some “needed” things. I wander the aisles for what is surely hours, and wind up in the home decor sale section. To my good fortune, I find a pair of Mid-century modern wood dining chairs on sale for only $25; normally they go for $100 a pair! I immediately grab the last 2 sets and head straight to the register. The only problem was I did not have a dining table to match­­­- I decided it was time for a new table!


Since the chairs were brand new, I thought a table fixer upper would be a good idea since new dining tables are quite expensive. After searching through what seemed like endless Craigslist ads, I stumbled upon an ad for an old table with a blue laminate top and gold painted metal legs. It was definitely used and abused, and the color combination was not what I was looking for, but looking past that, the table definitely had good bones. With the leaf extension center added, the oval table with angled legs was reminiscent of a Mid-century modern style. The best part of this table was the price, it was only $10! This table had so much potential, so I had to buy it.


After I brought the table home, the question was: how do I take this table from drab to fab? The solution was simple, just paint it!


For this table makeover, I used the following supplies:

[1] Power sander

[1] Spray paint and primer in satin white

[1] Spray paint and primer in metallic aged copper

[1] Paint brush (of good quality for seamless paint strokes, specifically for latex paint)

[1] Ultra cover semi-gloss white general purpose paint


When I saw the table online I thought the table top was a blue laminate, but the top was actually a thick layer of blue paint. The paint job was uneven and splotchy, and in order for the new paint to stick and look flawless, the old paint had to be removed. Also, the white color I chose would not have covered the old blue paint well. When dealing with an old table that has already been painted, I highly recommend removing the old paint first with a sand paper or a power sander. In this case, a power sander was needed due to the extreme thickness of the paint. When sanding, be sure to do this outdoors in a well ventilated area and wear a sanding respirator or dust mask so as to not breathe in any potential harmful toxins from the paint.


This step took a while, especially under the hot sun, but just remember it’s all for a beautiful table!


After all the old paint was removed, the legs were removed from the table top and prepared for painting. The legs were already painted as well, but I decided not to sand them because the old color was lighter than the new color and would cover easily. I taped off the rubber ends and wiped down the legs. I then painted the legs with the metallic aged copper spray paint and primer. It only took a few light coats before the legs were complete!




While waiting for the first coat of paint to dry for the legs, the table top is prepared for painting. Since it was just sanded, I wanted to make sure all the dust was removed by using a compressed air can. Then I wiped the table down with a wet rag. I primed the table with the spray paint and prime in white. I used the entire can to cover the table as much as possible. Then I proceeded to use a paint brush to apply 3 coats of the semi-gloss white, waiting at least half an hour between coats. I chose this paint because of its durability since a dining table is used constantly.


After the final coat of paint dried on the table, I reattached the legs to the table top and the table was complete! I decorated the table with a graphic black and white patterned table runner from Target, tealight candles in mini jars, and a vintage cake stand with faux shrubbery in the center. I also displayed white plate sets with tulip etchings that were given to my parents on their wedding day as my little nod to them 🙂

Dining 2

I am extremely happy with how the table turned out. This is probably my favorite refurbished piece I have done so far just because the transformation was so drastic, yet the process was so easy. It definitely makes the dining area more clean and modern. So next time you think there’s no hope for your old piece of furniture, think again, all it may need is a coat of paint 😉 XO


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