ABOUT ME FINAL 2Hello! My name is Jacquie and I live in Orange County. I am passionate about design: architecture, interior décor, graphic design, etc. I went to school for architecture and work at a firm in Irvine, but I use my blog to keep me inspired in all facets of design, especially home décor. I dabble a lot in DIY because I love certain things, but my taste does not always match my wallet! So, I pride myself in cost-effective decorating and styling! Although I love aesthetics, something that serves great function in addition to looking good is always a must! I live with my boyfriend Brandon who has been very supportive both personally and creatively. He is my partner in all of my projects and my number one fan. My other 3 roommates (I use that word loosely, because they don’t pay rent) are my Chihuahua, Monster and my two cats, Kitty and BehBeh. They drive me crazy, but I can’t imagine life without them. Plus its probably safe to say I drive them crazy too with my constant clinginess!


Random facts:

Favorite movie– I have two! Pride & Prejudice (2005 verison). Who isn’t a sucker for Mr. Darcy? And You’ve Got Mail. Who isn’t a sucker for Tom Hanks?

Favorite food– All the foods.

Favorite music artist– Vampire Weekend and Marina & the Diamonds. And of course, Adele because I apparently enjoy crying.

Favorite color– Light gray! It so calming for me.


I hope you enjoy my blog and find some inspiration for your own home! XO