7 Fall Decor Trends for the Modern Home

Not a fan of orange, but want to bring some “autumn” into your home? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some tips for a modern take on fall décor!



1. Neutral/ pale colors

When fall comes to mind, we all immediately think of the color orange, i.e. pumpkins and the leaves after they change for the season. Instead of orange, using neutral colors such as whites, creams, grays, and/or pale pinks and blues can bring brightness to your space. These colored accents can make a space feel light and airy, a trait of any modern room.


2. Metallics

Metallic accents are nothing new, but when used in fall décor, they can make a space more glam and chic.

3. Tulle

Add tulle fabric to any table top for some light, texture. When displayed during the Halloween season, put some metallic painted spiders on top of the tulle for a fabulous, yet spooky decorative detail! For more on this DIY, click here.


Source: Domino

4. Deep green plants

This is definitely an unusual take on fall décor because it is usually associated with spring, but when you live in California, what are seasons anyways? Showcasing green plants brings freshness to the average autumn palette. Plus, some greenery in the home is great all year round so you won’t have to take down your “fall décor” right away if you don’t want to!


Source: Homey Oh My

5. Cool toned browns

Using cool toned brown decorations may be the slight difference that can modernize fall décor. Ashy wood tones as opposed to warm woods will go along with all the other trends on this list.


Source: Primitive and Proper

6. Creative containers

I know using a bunch of little pumpkins as a centerpiece is all the rage, and that’s a trend I don’t think anyone (myself included) ever wants to part with. However you bunch your pumpkins, the key is to have a creative container. Place them in something different and something that speaks to your personality!



7. Skulls

This trend is specifically for the Halloween season, but for those who want to keep this trend year round, I say go for it! To make sure your home isn’t “creepy,” I’d recommend mixing a skull with one or some of the other trends on this list. For example, I found these affordable paper mache skulls at Michael’s and placed them on my wreath and on my cake stand centerpiece on the dining table. The simplistic look of the skull mixed with the leafy greens brings it all together for some elegant Halloween décor!


If you didn’t see your favorite fall decor trend on this list, let me know what must-haves you add to your home every autumn season! XO

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